Software Developers

Hi There!

Did you know about Bakersfield's emerging tech community?

I know right, it’s hard to believe!

Some think that Bakersfield is just about oil and agriculture but, that's not true!

Let me share with you a few things about the Bakersfield tech community.

Connecting with the Bakersfield tech community

You may be wondering how do I find this tech community?

Every month Mesh Cowork host’s several events where you can meet people from the Bakersfield tech community.

Bakersfield JavaScript is Bakersfield longest-running technology meetup. Here you will have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, acquire new skills and geek out with friends.

Bakersfield WordPress If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur and looking to create your own website this is a great meetup for you. This meetup is even for WordPress consultants who want to connect up with other WordPress consultants and developers.

Find tech Jobs in Bakersfield.

Believe it or not, there are technology jobs in Bakersfield. We have our very own the slack channel where we share these job opportunities. We also have a strong network of remote workers who can coach you on landing your first remote work gig.

Contact us to join our slack group.

Are you looking to level up your skills?

At the beginning of each JavaScript meetup, we practice code katas to help strengthen our coding skills.

We also often have industry professionals presenting tips and tools to become better.

Build something amazing

Our community also has several hackathons during the year and startup weekends. Take the time to execute on your ideas and learn how to work in a team.

Nerd out with the best of them

Mesh Cowok has a cadre of developers, designers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Join us every Monday to experience our free community collaboration day.

If you are ready to join the community have several membership packages.  Please schedule a tour if you would like to know more information.