Mesh Learn

Mesh Learn is a modular training program to develop Bakersfield’s current and aspiring technologists and entrepreneurs. The courses operate at an accelerated pace and are designed to meet the needs of companies in Bakersfield and the technology industry at large.

We believe that learning is a continuous and lifetime effort and our training programs reflect this belief. The training programs at MESH weren’t built to repeat textbook information, they were designed to feed the drive and hunger for knowledge inside each of us.

Game Development

 The “Game Development for All” course is designed to provide anyone who has ever wanted to participate in the art and process of Game Development a gateway to success. No programming experience required! Participants will learn the game development cycle starting with conceptualization of project. Once a idea has been created the course will walk you through all the steps necessary to bring your idea to completion. Once the course is complete you will have successfully published a game or app to the Google Play store!

Cohort #1 Jan 22 Feb 21 Mon & Wed 10am-12pm
Cohort #2 Mar 4 Apr 4 Mon & Wed 10am-12pm
Cohort #3 Apr 16 May 16 Mon & Wed 10am-12pm
Cohort #4 May 28 Jun 22 Mon &Wed 10am-12pm
Cohort #5 Jul 9 Aug 7 Mon &Wed 10am-12pm
Cohort #6 Aug 20 Sep 19 Mon &Wed 10am-12pm
Cohort #7 Oct 10 Oct 31 Mon & Wed 10am-12pm


Full Stack Developer

Interested in a career in software development? It’s not a bad idea considering that it’s the fastest growing career choice. Our technology professionals have designed a set of classes that help you get going with your new career aspirations. Set in a friendly environment, we welcome beginners and anyone hungry to learn.


We offer a variety of technology and business workshops all geared toward the needs and interests of entrepreneurs. We keep up on new developments that can directly benefit you. Each of our instructors teach on topics that they have experience in, so you know you’re getting real world information and application.