Bakersfield Coworking - Fellow telecommuters, remote workers, developers, entrepreneurs and any one else who would like to build a community of technical minded people that can work together in the same place. Come by MESH each monday for Free Cowowrking event (Jelly). Get help on a project or meet some awesome folks.

Bakersfield Ruby - Welcome to the Bakersfield Ruby meetup group. This is the place where Ruby programmers meet up to learn new techniques, tech and have fun and drink beer. We are just starting out and will more than likely do monthly meetups.

Bakersfield Java Script - Javascript is everywhere! If you are a programmer you will eventually need to get your hands dirty in JS. We will talk about frameworks, libraries, common practices and everything javascript. If you are coming from the HTML 5 Meetup group, welcome, this is the new place for meetups.

Bakersfield .Net - The Bakersfield .NET Developers Group is the primary .NET community in the Bakersfield area. The purpose of the group is to support local developers and businesses with the latest information and education on Microsoft .NET technologies.

Bakersfield Startup - The purpose of this meetup is to connect with like minded entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and business owners. At each meetup you will learn something to help you grow as an entrepreneur and achieve your goals.

Bakersfield Makers If you are interested in collaborating, come and be apart of our group. We welcome all those who want to share their project ideas, need assistance and want to brainstorm solutions, tinker or want to learn new skills. As members requested, we will be meeting twice a month.

Bakersfield Marketing Calling all individuals who want to meet with other Marketers and professional related to marketing locally.

Bakersfield Wordpress We're a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress