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Learning pods

What are learning pods?

Learning pods are spaces where small groups of children can do their virtual learning, have access to unlimited WiFi, and staff on hand to help with questions and keep them on track

Learning pods at MESH

At MESH  students are welcome between the hours of  7:45 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. There will be no more than 9 students in a room with designated desks that are at least 6 ft apart . There will be a staff member in the room at all times to help students stay on task and help with any questions.  Games and activities will be organized for down time if students wish to participate. Lunch should be provided by the family.

Learning pod FAQ

1. Is there a sibling discount?

Currently, there is no sibling discount. This is taken on a case-by-case basis.

2. What type of Pods do you offer? (distance learning, micro-school pod, or enrichment pod?)

We are offering distance learning pods that offer a space for students who are currently in need of a conducive learning environment.

3. Do you offer Financial Aid?

Financial aid is offered case by case basis, enquirer within.

4 A. What are the pod services?

While a student is at MESH, they will have access to high-speed WiFi, 

staff will be on-site to help with school work, there will be unstructured time 

as well as activities created for downtime.

4 B. What type of activities will be created?

On-site staff will have activities such as arts and crafts and board games available.

5. Is lunch provided?

Parents/guardians are required to provide lunch for their students.

6. What age/grade students do you serve?

 Currently, we are offering the learning pods to 2nd-12th grade.