Front End Development II
Unit 7: Visual Elements and Graphics II
  • Using CSS for border and text effects: rounded corners, box shadow, text shadow, opacity and gradients
  • RGBA and HLSA color
  • The <figure> and <caption> tags
  • Sources for graphics and copyright issues
  • Best practices for graphics on web pages
Assignment: Enhance the graphics on the web page using CSS
Unit 8: Web Design I
  • Common types of website organization
  • Principles of visual design
  • Design for your target audience
  • Designing navigation
  • Improving text readability
Unit 9: Web Design II
  • Appropriate use of graphics
  • Universal design for web pages
  • Web page layout design techniques
  • Web design best practices
Assignment: Design a larger website with navigation
Unit 10: Page Layout I
  • The CSS box model
  • Configuring margins and padding
  • Floating elements
  • Positioning
Assignment: Creating a two-column page layout using CSS
Unit 11: Page Layout II
  • Turning an unordered list into a menu with CSS
  • Interactivity and CSS pseudo-classes
  • Creating an interactive image gallery
  • Semantic page structure: <section>, <article>, <aside> tags
  • HTML5 and older browsers
Unit 12: More on Links, Layout, and Responsiveness I
  • Relative hyperlinks
  • Named fragments
  • Accessibility: ARIA “landmark roles”
  • CSS sprites
  • Create a three-column page layout
Assignment: Creating a three-column page layout using CSS