Amanda Shaffer left Bakersfield and came back for what she thought was temporary but found she had a work to do. Along with her co-founder Jocelyn Dimaya, they are on a mission to bring together the creative community in Kern County. Amanda shares with us her journey, and how she pushes through even while not being sure what to do next.

Episode Highlights

  • Amanda is a native of Bakersfield California.
  • Amanda went to San Francisco for college to study apparel design and came back to build up the creative community.
  • Amanda traveled to Australia and later took a three month trip across Europe. 
  • She eventually decided to come back to Bakersfield to spend time with her family after being away for a while.
  • Amanda's sense of design and creativity started with a desire to be unique and different.
  • She was interested in many different things during her life but she felt that nothing else ever stuck.
  • Amanda admits that she is sometimes not 100% confident in what she does. 
  • When describing herself to others she likes to focus on the things which she spends most of her time doing.
  • Amanda has the vision to bring together the creative community in Kern County.
  • She believes even if you think you don't have talent she still wants to highlight that talent.
  • Amanda fights uncertainty by always working hard at whatever she does.
  • Everything about the businesses she has created was unplanned and happened organically.
  • Amanda believes that we currently have access to a wealth of information where lean just about anything.
  • Amanda says to her younger self remember that there is another world out there ready for you to explore.
  • Amanda has a goal to work nine months out of the year and travel three.
  • She does not try to entertain the negative experiences she moves on and focuses on the positive things.
  • To overcome burn out Amanda and Jocelyn we ask for help.
  • She wants to bring together everyone in Kern County, and she wants everyone to enjoy the things that they do.amanda
  • Ideally, Amada want's to highlight Artists and give them exposure to potential partnerships and collaborations. 


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