Mesh has recently launched a podcast where we highlight some of our members and share their passion with our community and the world. This podcast is called the conquers podcast. In our inaugural episode, we talk we interviewed Jocelyn Dimaya. We found out about what it means for her to be creative in Bakersfield. We also take a deep dive into how she knew that she was destined to be a creative and some of the challenges she experienced with that designation. This is an episode you don't want to miss. Expect more episodes highlight the twists and turn our members experienced on the journey to success and how they overcame them.

Here are a few highlights from the episode.

  • Through Jocelyn Shares, Dimaya uses her personal brand to focus on building and strengthening relationships in our local community. She loves collaborating with other small businesses and creating art that celebrates Bakersfield. Dimaya is also the co-founder of The Studio, which offers sewing lessons and creative workshops, both privately as well as group events. Dimaya and Shaffer also launched Kern Creatives in January of 2018.
  • Kern Creatives is a local organization dedicated to connecting creatives who work in various sectors in Kern County by facilitating collaborations, hosting workshops and encouraging individuals to pursue their creative passions with the support of the community
  • During Dimaya’s early days as a female entrepreneur, she had just graduated from college and made the decision to work for herself without a security blanket. She didn’t have any expectation of receiving a steady paycheck to pay off her student loans or the comfort of knowing when she was going to be paid next. “Yeah, I just jumped into the thrill of the fear and the excitement,” says Dimaya.
  • “I would say there's always been patience and curiosity which has allowed me to take the time to hone in on my skills because I think so much of it, is practice.”
  • Dimaya uses her craft as an approach to building relationships with other people and values the endless possibilities created from becoming more familiar with their work.

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