In this episode, we interview David Latchman. David is a professional science communicator. David has dedicated his life to furthering the cause of science through effective communication. David runs several podcasts around science and also facilities a digital community for professional science writers. This is a fascinating episode, hope you enjoy! 


  • David is from Trinidad is a chain of the islands between north and south America. Trinidad is the southernmost island.
  • David in Trinidad thirty years before he came to the states.
  • David does typesetting and editing for academia.
  • David would also consider himself to be a science communicator.
  • Science communicators facebook group.
  • Typesetting helps users to read documents more clearly and to communicate ideas.
  • Science communicators are everywhere from Hollywood to academia.
  • David was interested in being a scientist from an early age.
  • He was influenced by Marvel comic books
  • He watched lots of star treck.
  • The comic books deal with the social implications of science.
  • David was heavily influenced by social justice and scientific implications in comic books.
  • David was heavily influenced by Star Track and exploration.
  • As a child, David enjoyed doing experiments as a Kid and his friend a family were supportive.
  • At one point David wanted to become a Computer Scientist
  • David was fortunate to have several mentors who nurtured his latent abilities.
  • David talked about how to keep his integrity as a scientist when he discovers new truth/information.
  • David shares his story on what he learned about GMO's
  • David says he was challenged to monetize his skillsets.
  • As a freelancer, you have to remember you are worth the price you are asking for.
  • Science communication facebook group, what they need to succeed as communicators.
  • Davide what's to help science communicators get their message our effectively.

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