For thousands of employees at corporate companies, going to work still means working in a cubicle all day. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially in a world so full of working options. We’ve already established that as great as it can be to work from home, distractions are everywhere and this tends to make people too relaxed and ultimately falling behind at work. You have a library, although you have to be ok with a completely quiet environment, your local coffee shop, although any sensitive information with or without your clients will have to be heavily monitored, or you have coworking spaces which we detailed all of the features below to see if they might be a better option. 


When having meetings, do you want to do it with teammates on the screen or in person? At Mesh Cowork, there are spacious conference rooms where you can brainstorm and collaborate while working remotely. Of course, being on time for both options has zero wiggle room but nowadays when all you need is a stable wifi connection, you can have the option to have your meetings anywhere in almost any attire, at least from the waist up!

Let’s talk about lunches

You always have the option to eat at your desk or leave the office to go grab lunch, but how far away is a decent place to go? At Mesh Cowork, you have Dagney’s coffee right downstairs and all of the tasty places downtown that is within walking distance. I don’t know about you, but sometimes being able to get away for your lunch break can be a great breather to get your head right for the last part of your day.

Like what you’re looking at

Do you sit in a dark room or have to look past four cubicles for the nearest window? Having tons of natural light and a view has always shown to bring greater productivity and Mesh Cowork has that in spades with the huge windows in almost every room. Also, not all offices have expenses to deck out the office with nice furniture, murals on the walls, and inspirational quotes that look good on social media. 

Stretch your legs and your contacts

Cubicles naturally close you off from your coworkers around you. They’re small, sad, and just plain boring. Businesses do this so that you can stay focused, or else it would just be one huge table that encouraged interactions. We’re not telling you to goof off but in most coworking spaces like Mesh, you have the options to sit-in open desk seating or have great lounge rooms where all of the members congregate. Coworking spaces are notorious for making connections and networking because you’re able to talk to people who are in all types of fields, including yours, where you can actually help each other succeed instead of gossiping about how horrible your boss is. Who knows, one might even be your next partner in your new startup!

Let’s go ahead and add fun to your workday

At the office, you can relive your last vacation by scrolling through photos on the computer. Or, you can work outside in many coworking locations like Mesh Cowork that have terraces, so you can enjoy some sun even as you work throughout the day. Studies have shown over and over again that fresh air and working outside lifts the morale at the workplace and has shown greater productivity. With this comes other perks such as free networking events through meetup and community lunches to get closer with other members. Mesh cowork has a couple from WordPress Wednesday to expand your WordPress skills, Bakersfield Startup which features great topics for entrepreneurs to build their skills or learn how to manage difficult parts of the business, to community lunches where the lunch is covered by GRUBHUB so all you have to do is show up and connect! If that wasn’t enough, let’s go ahead and throw in the fact that you get free beverages such as coffee, tea, and water to fuel either your caffeine addiction or meet your daily quota of water.

That’s only to name a few and like we said, working away from the office is completely up to your boss, so maybe this was a piece you could live vicariously through or possibly bring up to your boss and have an arsenal of perks for the questions they have.


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