When you hear the term “co-working” you may refer to your own job. At your job, you may have coworkers that help to run the business through common labor, exchanging of ideas, and the building of associations. Co-working spaces are very similar in the idea that they provide a space for those of different fields to be able to share their stories and integrate ideas from others into their own line of work.

The idea of co-working has been a thing well before the 2000s but has only been taken into real consideration just recently. Places like Mesh Cowork have reworked the idea of working out of a local coffee shop and have provided a more formal setting for all of your work needs! With amenities like a kitchen, a member lounge, meeting rooms, and a phone booth, coworking spaces provide all your necessities in one location. 

Here are some reasons why you should join your local co-working spot:

  1. You Want To Separate Work From Home: Co-working spaces offer you a place to go when you need to focus and dial in. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur that needs a physical desk to perform calls and computer work or a mom that wants to strictly keep family time at home, these places are the best. You can even sign-up for virtual office plans to use a provided address and post mailbox number for your business’ mail!

  1. You’re an Employer On a Budget: It can be big money spent to lease a private office. Co-working spaces offer desk plans that can range from ten days to thirty days. Depending on the plan, you can even leave your items there! If available, you can employ multiple seats for multiple workers. In most cases, these spaces encourage combined desks for a more collaborative setting. These plans are perfect for those that want to test out coworking without the commitment of a leasing agreement. 

  1. You Need a Space for Meetings: No more meetings out of your house or your local cafe. Conference Rooms at these locations provide exclusivity to the clients and you with no interruptions. With video conferencing, high-speed internet, and tables and seating provided, coworking spaces accommodate for the perfect business meeting.  

 4.   You Want To Be A Part Of Something Bigger: Co-working is a perfect way to meet people from all walks of life. From students to entrepreneurs to mothers and daughters, you will be able to engage with those that pursue human connection and reciprocity. Places like Mesh host events (even virtual) that promote comradery and collaboration amongst their members both inside and outside of their walls!  


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