POV: It’s Wednesday and just like millions of other workers, you are yearning for a weekend of R&R. You’re crashing and barely making the deadlines that your boss gave you earlier in the week. You need a pick-me-up because the last thing you want to do is fall short on tasks that require you to put your best foot forward

Relatable? Take a few pointers from our book on how to revive your work performance any day of the week!

Take a New Route to Work

 Switching up your route might seem slightly daunting. You’ve mapped out your A to B route pretty well already and timed it perfectly to your scheduled clock-in; it even includes the mandatory stop for your Pumpkin Spice Latte! Nevertheless, this change in pace allows you to see your surroundings with fresh eyes. The roads may feel a little bit smoother, the earlier time frame may call for rolled-down windows, and you might even notice a new coffee spot for you to try out! New treks call for new experiences!

Switch Up Your Work Schedule

Your 9 to 5 may include a typical day-to-day routine. You might be on autopilot and tasks may seem monotonous. Try inserting a task that’s not usually on your “to-do” list. Even changing up the order of your duties will allow you to expand your way of thinking and for ideas to arise for better work performance!

Take a Stroll During Your Lunch Break

“Going for a breather” can be easily initiated with a simple walk. With all of the tasks that you have ahead of you, a decompression walk makes for a nice reset to the rest of your workday. A 15-30 minute walk not only kicks in those endorphins but also gives you that Vitamin D boost you were lacking from being indoors all morning. 

Stay Hydrated

Did you know Starbucks’ typical peak hours fall between 7-9 am and 3 pm? Your body’s natural reaction might be to get that caffeine intake before and during your workday. Although your morning coffee is an easy way to receive that extra boost of stimulation, it can cause your mid-day crash. Staying hydrated is essential to any kind of performance. Be sure to consume your eight 8-ounces of water per day to be able to continue your work without energy depletion. 

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