The ways we work have dramatically changed. Virtual meetings and remote offices have become the new normal. How are people maintaining work-life balance when there’s no separation between home and the office? Let’s look at this scenario.

When you work from home, your days start to blend together. No matter what you’re working on, your days seem to feel the same. You wake up, throw on a comfy outfit (usually one of your favorite vintage tees), then head to the workspace you made up in the corner of your bedroom or kitchen and clock in. We all try to make our at-home workspace as comfortable as possible. You carefully position your workstation so that you could have a nice view or simply a place that’s quiet. You even went to the extent of getting a standing desk, a comfortable chair, an ergonomic mouse, and a ring light for Zoom meetings. The room is set at the perfect temperature and filled with soft background music or a podcast. You may say to yourself, what could be better than this?

Let’s take a deeper look

Even with all of the comforts working from home gives you, the monotony of months of it begins to weigh on you. Before the pandemic, most of us started in an office working with a good amount of people. The adjustment to working from home by yourself becomes more and more challenging as life presses on, especially during the pandemic at the time. 

So what is there to do?

You may start googling places to go that are easily accessible, and convenient- plus a few amenities to make the workday easier like a printer, fast wi-fi, and usually unlimited beverages to save you some cash. Most importantly, a place that offers the same amount of comfort you love when you work from home. You may stumble across coworking spaces and they thrive to give you this EXACT feeling. 

Coworking spaces allow you to work a lot more efficiently. You can be productive while having fun and getting to know and network with other people.

Some people are drawn to the idea that you could choose from various types of spaces based on the specific needs of your workday [; or. ] whether it’s a room with a whiteboard to draw on while Zooming with a teammate, or a quiet study space to write code from. 

Not only can Coworking spaces get you out of the house but it allows you to take a break from the routine altogether without having to take time off work. It’s not just the accessibility and comfort of coworking spaces that keep people coming back, sometimes it’s all of the special events and networking opportunities that naturally come with being a member.  Everything from talks about entrepreneurship to online events discussing topics like WordPress or monetizing on YouTube [ “these are just” ] to name a few things that coworking spaces like Mesh Cowork in Bakersfield, Ca offer.

Let’s say you’re in the early stages of starting a new company, coworking spaces allow you to become a full-time member with a private office to get your business up and running. The possibilities are endless.

You’re able to work smarter and it gives you a different viewpoint of how to work. It doesn’t have to always be work, work, work, and no fun in between. You don’t have to burn yourself out, you can be productive while having fun and getting to know and network with other people. 

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